10 Things to Consider While Developing a Website

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Willing to find success in the world of online business? A user-friendly and eye-catching website is the way forward! Why? Because websites portray your brand, its values, features, and uniqueness to your customers.

A poorly designed website drives away the users. Thus, unappealing websites can lead to the downfall of an online business.

So, do you want to level up your online business with a fully functional and extraordinary website? You’re in the right spot!

Read on to know about the points to keep in mind when developing a website.

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Select the Right CMS

In simple words, Content Management System (CMS) is software that lets you add, edit or manage content on a website. But, why do you “need” a CMS? Because they allow you to build a website without having to write code. It manages all the backend functionalities of your website while you can focus on the front-end work! 

So, how would you select a CMS? 

Make sure that the CMS you choose is easy to use, allows customization, offers analytics, and is affordable. Needless to say, WordPress is one of the best CMSs present in the world that has all these qualities. But, that’s not it! WordPress also offers some unconventional benefits! Want to know more about them? Check our blog on, why you should use WordPress to build a website?  

Pro Tip: You can use Elementor, a freemium WordPress builder to create complex and visually attractive designs for web pages.

Develop a Mobile-First Approach!

Did you know, as of 2021, almost 54% of the website traffic comes from mobile? That’s why it’s essential to develop a mobile-first approach while developing a website. Further, with mobile-friendly websites, you can increase your business’s visibility, increase CTR, audience retention rate, boost conversions,  etc. 

But, how would you develop a mobile-friendly website? 

Here are a few things to remember: 

  1. Select a mobile-friendly theme or template for your website 
  2. Conduct A/B testing to know which fonts, color schemes, and buttons suit the mobile web pages. 
  3. Keep your images light. Use online tools to compress images.
  4. Try to eliminate pop-ups. 
  5. Place the hyperlinks wisely i.e. at a reasonable distance.

Color Scheme

Believe it or not, the color scheme of your website influences consumers’ buying decisions to a large extent. Different colors evoke a variety of feelings and emotions among customers. For instance, aesthetic blue evokes a sense of calmness or trust among the viewers. With the right blend of color patterns, you can create a user-friendly experience on your website. 

How do you choose a color scheme for your website? 

The color scheme of your website must align with your company’s logo, niche, target audience, and branding elements. Moreover, a good understanding of color theory is necessary to level up your web designing game. 

You can even create temporary web pages with different color schemes to get an idea of what works well for your business.

Easy Navigation

Would you like to navigate on a website that’s confusing and difficult? Most certainly not! That’s why a smooth and easily navigable website is a must! 

But, how do you make your website simple to navigate? 

First of all, you must conduct an in-depth site review to understand the areas that need improvements on your website. After this, you can rectify these glitches to make your website easy to navigate. Further, you can add a sitemap and eliminate unnecessary or underperforming web pages to facilitate navigation on your website. 

Also, you can implement mega menu layout on website’s header to ensure that the user can go to desired category/product without going through much clicks or entering filter values.

Short Loading Time is a Must!

Suppose, you’re looking for a pair of new sunglasses, and you come across dozens of eCommerce websites selling the same. However, some of the websites are slow to open, and the pictures take an eternity to load. Will you buy from this website? Obviously Not! 

Let’s accept the truth, we lack patience. In today’s internet era, we’re bombarded with hundreds (if not thousands) of notifications every single second. As a result, we’re losing our concentration. In such a scenario, if a website takes more than 2 to 5 seconds to load, it can lose an abundance of customers. 

To avoid a higher bounce rate and increase audience retention rate, it’s essential to make your website quick to load. 

But, how would you do this? 

The best way to improve your website’s loading time is to periodically assess it, understand the common areas of improvement (such as images or media), and eliminate the excessive load. You can use Google’s PageInsights tool to assess your website’s speed and optimize it accordingly.

You can also use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to diversify the media of your website on different servers and improve the loading speed. Want to know more about how CDNs work? Check out our blog,  All you need to know about CDNs!

SEO-friendly Code & Content

Even if you’re optimizing an existing web page or creating a new one, don’t underestimate the power of SEO-friendly code and content.

SEO-friendly code guides the search engines’ crawlers to the content of your website thus, improving your chances of ranking better. 

Pro Tip: WordPress offers numerous plugins to clean up your code and improve your organic ranking. You can try plugins such as Yoast SEO, RankMath, etc for this purpose.

Call To Action (CTAs)

Call to action (CTAs) are the guiding posts on your website that encourage the customer to take the next step. It could be as simple as “book a call” or “subscribe to our newsletter”. 

It’s essential to customize the CTA as per the customer’s level of engagement with your company. What do we mean by this? If you have first-time visitors on your platform, you can use a CTA such as “explore more”. Similarly, you can encourage your customers to sign up, subscribe, buy, or participate in your company’s programs through clear and bold CTAs. 

That said, you can keep the quantity of CTAs as per your business’s requirements. However, you must refrain from misplacing CTAs (placing them in the corner where it is not visible) or over-using them ( placing CTAs everywhere). Keeping at least one CTA on every page of your website is recommended. 

Security & Privacy

Data piracy has become a common problem in today’s internet era. Businesses that fail to offer data security to their users can face serious consequences in the form of fines or penalties. To make your website secure and safe for users, you must collect only relevant and essential data, store it in a secure format and employ tools and techniques to prevent data theft. 

Today, GDPR compliance has become essential for every business operating in the EU or having traffic coming from EU countries. To understand GDPR compliance in detail, check out our blog, how to make your app GDPR compliant?

Ask Yourself: Who is Your Target Market?

It’s very important to understand your audience because it can allow you the chance to tailor your website design so that its aesthetic accommodates the preferences and expectations of those people who will be visiting your site. 

Furthermore, it will allow you to improve the tone and overall feel of your content, which ultimately enhances the user experience just like businesses would do in any other aspect of their marketing repertoire.

For instance, a website for fashion and makeup enthusiasts will differ from an educational website. Thus, based on the expectation of your target audience a business can customize its website’s CTAs, color, design, theme, and content strategy. 

Website Design & Layout

Who would like to browse a poorly designed website? Obviously, no one! 

That’s why we say, an appealing UI/UX design is a must for a stunning website. Why? Because quality and clean design are what distinguishes an average website from an above-average one. Further, quality designs allow you to grab the attention of your audience, showcase the essential features of your business and add spark to your user’s experience.

Bottom Line

So, are you ready to develop a phenomenal website? You can get on a free consultation call with our team of technical experts at Eiosys. We will understand your business goals and help you with a customized website development solution that is perfectly aligned with your vision. 

Not just website development, we go the extra mile and also provide full support in website maintenance and training your team with daily operations. Explore our website development solutions and do get in touch with our tech-savvy experts.