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Rich product experience across the channels – Showcase & sell your products effectively –

With Raj Infosys you can create a rich product catalog with multiple images, rich content, product details etc. very easily to provide a rich shopping experience to your consumers. Moreover Raj Infosys has a product repository with over 100,000 products including ready to use images, details etc. so if you are dealing with branded products, creating your online catalog is very easy!


Designed for businesses & not IT teams - Manage technology with ease

Application management and server maintenance is taken care of by Raj Infosys. You can use your internal resources to manage the channels – this is done without any advanced technical know-how using easy to use Raj Infosys Control Panel. Your in-house team can update new products and promotions in real-time across all channels themselves. This includes updating product features, detailed product images, changing the styles and colours on pages,dealer locators, promotional content, running actual promotional campaigns or changing the look and feel of pages using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Proven technology – used by industry leaders

Raj Infosys is used by business verticals including Apparel, Consumer Electronics, Mobile phones, Jewellery, Fashion & accessories, Computers, Shoes, Books, Art & Entertainment, Education etc., including some of the best known brands of India.



Multichannel retailing

Raj Infosys is a comprehensive platform that allows you to set up multiple sales channels including online sales; corporate sales, b2b and b2c; in-store foot falls; handheld devices and Internet – all of this in a matter of weeks and not months.



Mobile commerce

Raj Infosys enables your online store to be accessible over mobile phones & devices as well.. So your consumers can reach you anywhere & everywhere..



Social commerce

Raj Infosys also allows you to effectively use social media to increase your consumer reach, build your brand and increase your sales by engaging consumers across social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc.



Not just technology but complete eco system

Raj Infosys is not just a technology platform but is rather a complete Eco-system of solutions to enable your digital commerce requirements completely. Including solutions to build your online store, accept payments online, logistics, promotions, online advertising and customer acquisition, Raj Infosys takes care of the complete life-cycle of your digital commerce channels.



Promotion and Loyalty Management

You can pull together offers and deals for your b2b, b2c, online and dealer channels using the detailed promotional tools in Raj Infosys. You can develop, market, launch and manage highly personalized and pre-scheduled promotions. Not just that you can reward your customers for loyalty with the in-built loyalty management features.



Completely scalable cloud hosted on-demand solution

Raj Infosys is a completely cloud hosted solution and leverages the Amazon Web Services infrastructure, which means that your online stores are highly available, reliable and secure. Being a cloud hosted solution also means that your online platform can scale as your business grows. You can use the version of the solution that makes sense for your business today and upgrade seamlessly as your requirements grow. Similarly when your server or hosting requirements grow, Raj Infosys can scale up seamlessly to meet those requirements


Predictable Monthly cost

Since Raj Infosys is offered on a SaaS platform model, it means that you pay a monthly subscription fee to use the platform and can choose to scale up as you require. This keeps your monthly cost fixed and predictable allowing you to grow your business effectively.



Easy integration with your existing systems

Raj Infosys is designed on a modular model which means that Raj Infosys can be plugged in with different systems to provide an integrated solution for your business. Raj Infosys can be easily integrated with ERP, POS, Order management, Inventory, Payment, promotional and logistics systems.



Raj Infosys also helps in getting customers for your business

Unlike most platforms Raj Infosys does not stop at providing the solution to get your business online. Raj Infosys also enables you to get customers through its promotional tools as well as its revolutionary Marketplaces solution. Marketplaces are high consumer base online portals powered by Raj Infosys that let you reach consumers effectively. Companies such as banks, media companies or other such businesses with large consumer reach build their own online marketplaces using the Raj Infosys X-change solution and businesses using Raj Infosys can list their products on these marketplaces.


Start fast and manage effectively

Time to go live with Raj Infosys's multi-channel retailing solution is very less. It is quite simple to implement and manage the solution.

Help Customers find and shop for your products through all consumers touch points

Raj Infosys provides solution for all the ways you sell across digital media (Internet, Mobile, Corporate storefronts) as well as for driving up your in-store sales. It helps you to avoid the complexity of technology and integration of all these channels to drive revenue at lower costs. Raj Infosys helps you create Web and Mobile storefronts, offer dynamic catalog and pricing information, and enable your target consumers to find and buy your products across all available channels.

Raj Infosys offers innovative ways of reaching & influencing your consumers apart from the standard digital commerce methods. For example, several research and buy through a mix of channels and want to look at a product before buying it. To target such customers, one of the methods that Raj Infosys employs is giving customers the option to buy online and pick-up offline – thus helping you build strong relationships with customers and deliver valuable flexibility.

There are hundreds of such small nuances of retailing that you will find across the Raj Infosys solution simply because Raj Infosys has been built on top of 12 years of deep & solid research of the Indian retailing segment which is one of the most diverse & competitive retail markets of the world.

Showcase your products & sell online directly to consumers

With Raj Infosys, you can provide a complete online shopping experience to your consumers on your online store. With rich product experience, product search, product comparison, product discovery, promotions & many such capabilities, consumers are taken through an engaging & purchase oriented experience.

Raj Infosys helps to increase footfalls in local stores

Raj Infosys’s lead generation solutions are designed to make all your stores searchable and influence consumers with rich product presentation. With SEO & SEM capabilities your online stores are favorably positioned in web search results and apart from being able to sell online also effectively divert consumers from your website to your retail store.

Reach consumers through multiple channels – Internet & mobile

Raj Infosys E-commerce suite is designed to reduce the complexities involved with launching and managing B2C. All the channels are also accessible on mobile through WAP or GPRS which helps the consumers stay connected to you and your partners on the move. With end to end capabilities from catalog management, rich product experience to online sales and order management, Raj Infosys enables the complete digital commerce workflow for retailers.

Integrated Payment and Shipping solutions

Raj Infosys is available with integrated payment and shipping solutions. We also have payment solution providers and logistics companies as part of the Raj Infosys/Reasoning Eco-system to bring reliable, proven and yet affordable solutions to Raj Infosys powered retailers. For more details see – Reasoning Eco-system

Corporate B2B & B2C sales

With Raj Infosys you can effectively increase your sales to institutional/corporate customers by providing an exclusive experience to them. Raj Infosys helps you create exclusive online stores for the employees of your corporate clients as well as for bulk corporate sales. You can provide customized merchandising, pricing, offers and rich product experience for each of your institutional/corporate customers..

Customer acquisition

With integration with popular online advertising platforms and affiliate channels Raj Infosys helps you promote your online store to consumers over digital channels. Not just that, you can sign up on a number of Marketplaces powered by Raj Infosys which have millions of consumers to instantly increase your online reach by several orders of magnitude. To know more about the Marketplaces solution please see the “Raj Infosys Marketplaces” section.

Effectively using digital media

Overall, retailers aren’t able to leverage Internet and Mobile as branding as well as customer acquisition medium as they look at online sales and in-store sales as two different worlds. Retailers typically consider their online presence as a means to overcome the physical limitations of offline promotions, particularly catalog and newspaper inserts, not as an integrated channel.

Provide complete experience to consumers across digital channels

Retailers do not feature all the products available in stores online, and this presents a cut off to the customers, as they are not able to find the products that they are looking for. Moreover, consistent product information across all channels of marketing is not available, and the customers don’t get all the information about a product like images, product features, and hence influencing purchase capabilities which are required to drive sales using digital channels.

Managing technology is not a retailer’s expertise & moreover it is expensive

Technology is often a capital intensive department and retailers are often weary of getting into an area which they are not experts in. It is important for retailers to be able to acquire and manage technology without requiring technical expertise or huge investments.

Showcase products and offers effectively

Consumers want to know of all the products and offers available from a retailer. They also want to be able to quickly find the product or offer that they are interested in. So product discovery and showcasing is a critical challenge for most retailers.

Expensive & Difficult to manage Payment systems & logistics

Getting a flexible payment solution and logistics solution for a retailers’ digital commerce requirements is a complex job. It is hard to find affordable and reliable solutions that will take care of such core requirements such as payment and shipping.

A consumer lost online, is a consumer lost

Many retailers view online and offline retail sales as different domains. The reality is that a customer who is looking for you and does not find you or finds a competitor or gets a not-so-good impression about you on the Internet might choose not to do business with you.

The retail market in India has been witnessing a phenomenal growth over the last few years. With a competitive market & multiple choices for consumers, retailers use many channels to reach consumers, promote their products & influence consumers to buy from them.

With over 13 crore (130 million) Internet users & over 600 million mobile phone users across India, consumers today have started using these digital channels for searching & researching about products before they make purchases. Retailers are taking notice for this highly mobile, high spending & demanding consumer segment and are building ways to reach consumers over the Internet & mobile. An effective, easy to manage and affordable platform for using the Internet & mobile as customer reaching, customer acquisition & sales channels has become critical for retailers in today’s market.

Raj Infosys provides a comprehensive solution for all the ways you want to reach your consumers, promote & showcase your products in a rich way and to sell your products across multiple channels (Internet, Mobile, In-Store, Corporate, B2B etc.). Raj Infosys helps you avoid the complexities of managing technology, integration of all these channels etc. and lets you drive higher revenue at lower costs. With the help of the Raj Infosys solution, you can get Internet and Mobile based storefronts (e-commerce/m-commerce websites), offer dynamic product catalog & pricing information to enable consumers to discover and order your products across all available consumer reaching channels.

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